Podcast #5: Michael Margolis

Does your bio suck?

Michael MargolisMy bio: What story am I telling?

In this short podcast Annette Simmons and Michael Margolis discuss how multiple bios create a fractured identity that not only confuses our customers and colleagues but keeps us confused as well.

A process of discovery and discernment, finding your Who I Am story is transformative.

When we start working on story, story starts working on us. Today, we play many different roles: writer, researcher, video producer, facilitator, reporter, DJ and more. This newfound flexibilty opens our creative self, but it can also cause us to feel “a little schizophrenic.”

Michael feels one of the greatest gifts we can give to our audience is to clarify where we are coming from so they can decide if they trust the messages we send.

“Knowing the story of who you were born to be grounds you and taps into your natural authority.”

– Michael Margolis

Michael encourages us to look at our stories of origin through the lens of a Superhero. He points out that Superheroes never start out as superheroes, but as small, often broken individuals looking to solve big problems. Embedding our bio with some struggle makes it more interesting.

What question drives me? What question do you encourage others to ask?

You may bring a new question that hasn’t been asked before. Or perhaps a new way to ask it.

This is your story.

Michael has an entire course devoted to helping you come up with a better bio. You can find it on www.thenewaboutme.com.

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