Tied to Technology

Picture12In the late 1990’s people called their cell phones a leash.  They resented that the office could find them anytime and jerk them back as if they were a dog on a leash.  Now, if you google “cell phone leash” it is something you buy to keep you from losing your cell phone.  Except it’s not just a pull from the office and not simply a cell phone. This guy had a personal iphone (voice, text, email, internet, apps) had to use a blackberry for work as well as answer (check the voice mail) a land line and who knows what else.  The emotion is clear.  He feels like he is under house arrest with the ankle cuff, and overwhelmed with incoming pleas for his attention.  It takes a very special person to not feel inadequate or frustrated in these circumstances.  Many responded to his drawing and validated that he’s not alone.



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