Episode 1: Storytelling – What is working?

This is the first of at least ten Story Factor Podcasts. In this one, my audio guy Jay makes me explain what I want to do and I just talk… doing what I do: butchering metaphors and discovering what I am thinking by hearing what comes out of my mouth. I have no 3 second delay.  It is one of my charms.

I have no “3 second delay.”


Unable to work for most of 2010 thru 2012, I came back and felt lost in the flood of storytelling experts. Social media exploded during those years and I felt out of date and unprepared. It turns out that I was! I’m  learning new techniques and new applications for sharing our stories via social media. I’ve also learned that some of new stuff abandons the basics of storytelling and loses the plot.  I document what has and has not worked so I (we) can dive in without having to make those mistakes myself.

In the next episode I talk with Karen Dietz – the best curator of business storytelling articles on Scoop it.  Karen and I have known each other since the early days.  Did you know she has a PhD in Folklore?  She has a lot of great information and explains in detail how she works with clients.

I want to participate with you in a collaborative process of investigating and learning from others.  If you want me to interview someone in particular or have a burning question you’d like me to track down let me know in the comments section or call 318-479-1077 and leave a voice message.

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