Episode #11 – Jim Signorelli on Story Branding and Archetypes

Happy 2014!!  One of the best interviews yet!!

Jim Signorelli on Storybranding and Archetypes

jim-signorelliJim Signorelli approaches story using a tried and true process.

“We want to look for joiners rather than buyers.”

After gathering the back story and the facts, they conduct an archetypal analysis asking the team to individually choose the archetype that best represents their brand.

Jim asks each member of the senior management team to choose which archetypes and values best explain their brand. He offers the traditional twelve archetypes developed by Carol Pearson http://www.herowithin.com the warrior, rebel, explorer, magician etc. and asks individuals to choose the  archetype they think captures the brand.

Jim and his team look for overlap and inconsistencies and facilitate the group by letting them figure out: How do we resolve this? Who are we really?

Which Archetypes are the most popular?

websitepodcastgfxJim says the Provider archetype is very popular with insurance, banking, any service organization.  Also popular is the Explorer, for instance a restaurant that is all about finding new tastes and textures. He had a real estate company choose the Outlaw because they think other realtors charge too much and they rebelliously promote the idea that people should “Keep what’s yours.” Their brand included a lot of humor – a good trait of the truly rebellious.

How does he help a client find their Archetype?

Group dialogue and discussion helps the team refine and reconcile the different points of view, ultimately finding the one belief or value that expresses their brand.

Jim Signorelli describes his agency’s archetype as the “regular guy, straight shooter.” I think you will agree.

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